11+ Hanumanasana Stick Figure

11+ Hanumanasana Stick Figure. There is an incident where sita was abducted by ravana to sri lanka, then rama took help from hanuman to rescue her back. This gigantic heroic leap by hanuman is interpreted as the front split made in the pose, hence named after him.

Hanumanasana Yoga Sequences Vinyasa Yoga Yoga Asanas
Hanumanasana Yoga Sequences Vinyasa Yoga Yoga Asanas from i.pinimg.com

It teaches that the power lies within devotion, and once we have a deeper meaning into our practice, it stops being merely about the body but about something much larger. See full list on doyou.com For more support, place a block or a bolster underneath your front hip.

It will prevent the knee from getting hurt and ease your way to get into the pose.

11+ Hanumanasana Stick Figure. Physically, this is an ultimate pose for opening the hamstrings as well as the hip flexors. It expands the spine and improves its flexibility. Hanuman asana also provides spiritual and energetic benefits by activating the root (muladhara) chakra, sacral (svadhisthana). The calf muscles are also stretched and strengthens the leg muscles.

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