14+ Natarajasana Chakra

14+ Natarajasana Chakra. This pose is entered from standing in tadasana, bending one knee and stretching that foot back until it can be grasped with the hand on that side. The foot can then be extended back and up, ar.

What Is Natarajasana Definition From Yogapedia
What Is Natarajasana Definition From Yogapedia from www.yogapedia.com

Positioning for the pose stand in tadasana tall and straight with head and neck straight. At the heart the energy turns red, amplifying passion and love. Getting into the pose now take left leg forward imparting the total body weight on it.

Lord of the dance pose

14+ Natarajasana Chakra. It also helps you to gain balance and confidence and relieves fatigue and hence has balancing effect on kapha, mainly shleshaka kapha, the tissues of the body and vyana vata. You can do this until you get a balance in this pose. Avoid squeezing neck and shoulders. See full list on easyayurveda.com

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